All cardboard environmentally friendly restaurant opens

Cardboard box illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt 

(Scroll down for video) A unique, environmentally friendly restaurant, has opened inside the Carton King Creativity Park, in Taichung City, Taiwan.

The "Carton Restaurant" is different than any other restaurant out there, as they have focused on making everything out of recycled cardboard.

Everything in the restaurant is made with cardboard, the table, chairs, decor, cups, plates and pots.

It seems almost impossible, but diners are actually sitting on cardboard chairs, sip drinks from cardboard cans and eat food out of cardboard bowls.

The food is good, according to diners, but the price on the other hand is a bit too pricey for a place that uses only recycled cardboard. They don’t have to worry however about cups and plates breaking.

When something gets broken or damaged they simply recycle it and reuse it. The purpose of the Carton King Creativity Park is to show people the power of paper and cardboard, and convince people that it can be used for much more than the basic packaging.

”People often ask if the tables or chairs are going to tear when they sit on it, so we bring out our chef, who weighs more than 220 pounds, to sit on a chair. Then one of the waiters sits on his lap. After that, there aren’t any more questions about how strong they are,” Xue Sheng-yi, deputy general manager of Chin Tang Paperware, said.



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