Free tans and makeovers for the unemployed

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By: Devansh Dutt 

One job center has caused controversy by giving away free tans to the unemployed.

With unemployment on the rise all over the world, many people are looking for jobs while others have given up on finding a job. One job center in South Wales, is sending people to get a free spray tan in order to boost their confidence, so they feel good and look good while at a job interview.

The Aberdare Job center staff is sending jobless people for makeovers at the Well-being and Training Academy, in order to combat the high unemployment in the area. The city has an unemployment rate of 9.6 percent.

Critics have questioned whether a free fake tan is the best way to help the unemployed.
Sarah Swedish, an Academy director said that they were willing to give away the makeover and spray tans for genuine job seekers.

Swedish said: "We want to give away tans and makeovers to boost people’s confidence and give people an incentive to seek work."

The Job Centre staff will only send people for the treatment if they seem to be serious about finding
a job. The spray tan and makeover is not paid for by the Job Center or council, it is donated by the Well-being and Training Academy.

The Academy is a nonprofit organization that aims to help people get back to work by improving their health, appearance, nutrition and confidence.

The local councilor was not impressed by the free tan offer, which claims will help the economy. Councilor Pauline Jarman said: "I do not know any employer who would be impressed if I appeared more tanned. They will be much more impressed if I had the skills and the experience needed for the job they are looking to fill."



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