Couple unable to conceive learn that laptop was burning husband’s sperm

Laptop illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt 

After high school sweethearts married and decided to start a family, they were devastated that they were unable to conceive.

So they went to a doctor to find out what was wrong.

Scott Reed, and wife Laura Reed, who are now 30 years old, were together since age 17. They wanted to start a family, but things did not go as planned.

"Scott and I have been together since we were 17 years old. We decided to get married and buy a house before we had a baby,” Laura said. “After about six months of trying to get pregnant with no results, I was frustrated. I didn’t think it would be so hard to get pregnant, so I mentioned it to my doctor, who recommended we do a fertility test,” Laura said.

Generally, couples should have tried for a year before referral. But since Scott had suffered from mumps at the age of 21, it could have affected his fertility. The doctor recommended they see a specialist.

The couple went to be tested, and nervously they waited for the test results to came back. "When the results came back, it was found that Scott's sperm had been damaged by heat,” she added.

The doctor asked Scott if he uses a laptop, which he does. Scott keeps the laptop on his lap while using it.

At night, Scott spent many hours on his laptop, without realizing that it was hindering his chances of having a baby.

“Having the hot appliance on his lap was causing heat damage to his sperm,” Laura said. Since then Scott keeps his laptop on a table.

Three months after the test, Laura became pregnant, and has since given birth to a health baby girl.



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