Woman buys mirror for $200 after being told it is an iPad

iPad illustration 
By: Anika Rao 

(Scroll down for video) A woman bought a mirror for $200 after being told it’s an iPad, according to reports.

The Texas woman is seeing red after buying the iPad that turned out to be a mirror.

Jalonta Freeman paid $200 for the tablet in a false scheme that experts said tends to pick up during the holidays.

It all started when a stranger approached several women in the parking lot of a gas station in Arlington, with iPads and laptops, offering the women large discounts. The stranger told Freeman, he would be willing to sell her an $800 iPad for 75 percent off the retail price.

Thinking that the offer was too good to pass up, especially with the holidays just around the corner, Freeman gave him the money and the guy left.

She was not satisfied with what she found inside the box.

"I just started cursing," Freeman said. "I was upset. Anyone would be upset after they just found out they were cheated, you know what I'm saying? I just lost $200."

The imitation iPad looked something like the real thing from the back, with an Apple logo and everything.

The front reflective cover had labels with prices paid and it was a pretty good disguise.

Still, what the shiny, bright Freeman found when she unwrapped the package is simply not comparable with a Retina display.

It was just a plain old mirror.



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