Woman high on laughing gas after having wisdom teeth pulled

Julia at the dentist 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

(Scroll down for video) A husband recorded his wife right after she had her wisdom teeth pulled.

The woman was still under the influence of the laughing gas she was given before surgery, when the procedure was concluded.

The woman is clearly still intoxicated and her husband is having fun at her expense. The wife named Julia, is shocked that the surgery was over so fast, since she did not remember falling asleep and she did not recall anyone working on her mouth.

Julia told her husband: “They (the dentist and assistance) did not do anything yet so don’t pay the bill.”
Only after the nurse showed Julia’s teeth that were pulled out, did the she agree to pay after being convinced that the work was done.

Going to the dentist is no fun, having wisdom teeth pulled is outright painful and uncomfortable. Many people push off going to the dentist until it is an emergency, causing much more dental work in the end.



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