Woman gets her lost engagement ring back after 17 years

Wedding ring illustration 
By: Aarav Sen 

A woman, who had lost her engagement ring 17 years ago, finally got it back, according to reports.

The woman from Bridgewater, Massachusetts, received a brilliant surprise just in time for her 21st wedding anniversary when she got her diamond engagement ring back 17 years after it was lost.

Valerie Lynch, 48, remembers taking off her wedding ring to cover her children with sunscreen in her sister's house like it was yesterday.

"I brought the children who were 2 and 3 at the time, to my nephew who was 4, at my sister's home in Plymouth, near the coast," Lynch said. "I took off the rings to put sunscreen on them, and I put the rings on the platform of the slide on the swing."

Lynch had barely reached the coastline before realizing her rings were gone.

The following weekend, she enlisted the help of friends and family to search the yard with metal detectors, but unfortunately never found the ring. Luck was not completely lost for Lynch.

About a year and a half later, her sister, Vicki Belanger, 46, found the wedding ring shining on the ground as the snow melted.

"I was excited about it, but never found the actual engagement ring," Lynch said.

Fast forward 17 years later. It had been enough time for Lynch to give up all hope of locating the diamond ring. But thanks to a chance encounter her sister had with Kent Blethen, who is a hunter for
jewelry and calls himself Silver City Treasure Seekers, the diamond ring was found at last.

On October 28, in a last attempt, the two searched the yard and could not believe their eyes when they actually found the diamond ring.

In all the years it was gone, Lynch had never replaced the ring.

"I never felt right to replace it. It was very special," she said.

Her husband, Mike, was also relieved to hear that the ring was found. Now, he's off the hook for their wedding anniversary on November 9.



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