Couple gets their wedding pictures 90 years after their wedding

Conghan Wu and his wife Songnshi Wu 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

An elderly couple got their wedding pictures 90 years after their wedding took place, according to reports.

The bride and the handsome groom are holding each other with a cane in each hand for support. With a combined age of 204, the couple in this wedding photo can be forgiven.

Conghan Wu, 101, and his wife Songnshi Wu, 103, live in Nanchong, Sichuan Province, China. They never had the opportunity to have a wedding portrait taken.

When they married 90 years ago in China, there was no such thing. Cameras were only for the very rich or privileged, and Mr. and Mrs. Wu were neither.

According to what the couple remembered as their wedding date, the husband was 13 at the time of
his marriage and his wife was 15. Teenage marriages were not uncommon at that time in China.

Now, there is a campaign to help seniors, who never had a chance get wedding portraits, make their dream come true.

Mrs. Wu put on a whole white wedding dress and veil for the big day. Mr. Wu put on a white coat and black bow tie and stood next to the woman who he married long ago. Together they smiled proudly at the camera.

The couple had no centennial plans for a honeymoon. But seeing this picture on a laptop was enough excitement, and a memory that will last forever.



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