Man arrested after claiming to be a federal police officer to get into Disney for free

Disney Land illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A man trying to get into Disney for free by claiming to be a federal police officer was arrested, according to police reports.

The professional photographer, Emeritus Pujol, was arrested after allegedly posing as a federal agent in an attempt to enter Epcot Center in Disney World for free.

Police said that the 74 year old, showed a false badge to a staff member at Epcot while walking through the turnstiles at around noon on Saturday. The employee asked to take a closer look at the badge. That is when Pujol allegedly told the worker that he is an undercover agent and he was looking for someone.

A security officer got involved in the incident. Pujol changed his mind. He told the officer that he was in the midst of protecting someone important, according to the arrest report. When a deputy was called to the scene, Pujol allegedly admitted that he was just trying to avoid paying the cost of $94.79 to enter Epcot.

The badge that was produced stated that the bearer was an honorary member of the American Federation of Police. The American Federation of Police is a nonprofit organization. The man faces a felony charge of impersonating a law enforcement officer.



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