Man records himself stealing bikes while onlookers say nothing

Bike illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar 

(Scroll down for video) A man was recorded chopping locks off from bikes that were chained to a designated bike area.

Many people passed by and saw the man with his crowbar, but nobody bothered calling police to report the theft.

The theft was actually set up by a police force in order to show how easy it is for thieves to steal a bike in full public view and escape unchallenged.

People saw him cut the lock, but said nothing, and they did not even call the police to report a bike being stolen.

To further test if people will respond, the man dressed in a skeleton costume, thinking that looking outlandish will make people respond and call police. But that did not work either as nobody said anything.

The officers said they staged the theft in order to bring public awareness and encourage citizens to call police as soon as they see a crime taking place.

“On one occasion, more than 50 people went by and saw the crime, but no one called the police,” one officer said.

"We are not suggesting that anyone become a hero by taking the law into their own hands, but we are asking people to call the police and report bike theft as soon as they see it happening, so we can catch bike thieves during the act,” Keith Rundle said.

Police offices get many calls from people whose bike have being stolen, but by the time they arrive, the thief is long gone. "We are constantly looking for bike thieves, but we also need the community to be vigilant and to call us if they see crime in progress," he added.



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