Postal worker claims she threw money in the garbage

Garbage bag illustration 
By: Hydar Tomar 

“I threw away the cash in the garbage,” a postal worker told her boss, who was inquiring about missing money.

The postal worker who stole £6,000 - claimed that the money disappeared because she had accidentally thrown it away.

Elaine Murray, 44, sent a message to her boss saying she had unwittingly picked up hundreds of discarded leaflets before throwing them away with cash in the garbage bin.

Murray, of Inverness, was originally charged with embezzling £21,000 from the post office, but yesterday pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of theft of £6,000 at Inverness Sheriff Court.

However, this plea bargain has angered Innes MacDonald, sub postmaster in Kinmylies office, Inverness, who said he was left with a deficit of nearly £22,000 from the moment that Murray started working there.

He is still trying to pay off the debt at a rate of £350 per month. MacDonald said he does not know what happened to the missing money.

He said his stomach just dropped when he read the text of Murray in September 2009.

He said yesterday: "I asked her what she meant and how much money she had put in the trash. At that point, I could have cried. She said it was about 12 weeks or more ago. We called around bin companies and so on, but there was no sign of the cash.”

Murray was hired as manager of the post office in January of 2009. The date for sentencing was set for next month.



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