Father keeps his dead child frozen for years

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By: Anika Rao 

A father kept his dead child frozen in a freezer for many years, according to reports.

Within a short decade, a desperate father lost his two children. In an attempt to console himself, he stored the remains of his son in a freezer inside a house for six years, so he could still see his son every time he could not cope with the massive loss.

Tian Xueming, 60, a carpenter, lives in Huangling Village, Kaixian County, Chongqing, China. He married Yang Hongying in 1979, and together they moved to a small mud house in Huangling Village.

The newlyweds were not the only ones building a house in the small town. They had the company of six families. Tian left home to make a better life for his family in the city and over time, the living conditions of the family improved thanks to the tireless efforts of Tian and his solid skills.

The couple had their first child in 1982, a little girl. In 1987, a child was born. Tian Xueming decided to spend more time with his family, so he quit his job to become a stay at home parent. In 1996, Tian built a three-story house for his family, the most luxurious of the entire village. He describes those days as the happiest of his life.

The child of Tian, Yingying, died at age 15 on a hot day. Some of the father's friends had come to the house to visit Tian. When he got home later that day, Yingying offered to go into town and buy some vegetables. The child returned after half an hour, looking pale and tired.

An hour later, the child was found unconscious in the yard. Yingying had stopped breathing before a doctor could even get to the home. Tian still blames himself for what happened that day, saying he did not care enough. "Simply I cannot accept this," he said.

Disaster struck again when Tian's other child died only nine years after Yingying had died. The other child was the last hope of the couple after being deprived of their first child. The child entered college in 2005. "I would have given everything to pay the tuition," Tian Xueming said.

Tian Xueming received a call on March 1, 2006, and was told that his son had a fever for about a month. Tian’s son was scared and just wanted to go home. But at that moment, Tian did not realize the bad situation.

Tian was inconsolable when his son was at the "final stages of leukemia.” Tian stayed in a hospital for two months, and then took him home. The elderly couple did not leave the bedside of their son, as they were afraid that he would leave them forever.

Qinyuan died on July 7, 2006, at age 18. Qinyuan’s death tore the family apart. They intended to cover up the circumstances of the death shortly after the death. But several days later, Tian Xueming made a difficult decision: He would store the body of his son in his freezer.

So far, the body of his son has been stored in the ice chest for six years, and Tian has kept this secret for six years. However, rumors abounded in the small town. Some friends tried to persuade Tian Xueming to bury his son. They understood his intentions were good.

“I can see my son every time I miss him," he said. "I know I was wrong. My decision has had a bad influence on the lives of my neighbors too, but I have lost my two children! Nobody could understand my suffering," Tian Xueming said while gazing at the freezer in the corner of his home.



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