Husband sues his wife for having ugly baby

Before and after Jian Feng's wife 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

(Scroll down for video) There are a lot of divorces and lawsuits filed each day, but rarely do we hear such a reason.

A husband divorced and then sued his wife for having an ugly baby. Northern China resident Jian Feng, allegedly married his wife and was absolutely in love with her. Soon, the wife became pregnant. That's when the problems started.

After childbirth, Feng realized that the baby was ugly. So ugly in fact that Feng could not believe that the girl he was seeing came from the beautiful woman he married. He reportedly accused his wife of adultery because the baby looked nothing like either parent. He insisted that his wife tell him who the real father of the ugly baby is.

She insisted that the baby looked like her. At least the baby looks like her when she was young.

Feng's wife admitted to having more than $100,000 in intensive plastic surgery before she met and married him.

The surgeries completely altered the way in which she appeared. Obviously, her ugly genes were passed on to the baby, but not the genes that Feng hoped for or wanted.

Feng divorced his wife, and then sued her for lying about her beauty and previous surgeries. Feng won the lawsuit, taking home a $120,000 settlement.



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