Man arrested for feeding sausage to police horse

Sausages illustration 
By: Aarav Sen 

A man was arrested and charged for feeding a police horse some sausage, according to court proceedings.

In a rare case, Francis Kelly was accused of causing a breach of the peace in Glasgow, U.K., earlier this year.

Authorities said that the 41-year-old man broke the law when he ignored police warnings and gave the delicious food to the animal.

However, friends of Mr. Kelly came to his defense and said that he had done nothing wrong. He gave the horse a sausage roll because he thought the animal looked hungry, they said.

Critics said that the case was a waste of taxpayer money and wondered why the case is being taken to court for a trial.

Prosecutors allege that Mr. Kelly behaved "threatening or abusive" for trying to feed the horse some meat. The court was also told that Mr. Kelly had adopted an aggressive attitude towards the police officers when they told him to put away the food.

It was however, not clear why the police horses were in the area or when he initially made ​​contact with the animals.