Woman killed after attempting to stop boyfriend from driving drunk

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By: Anika Rao 

A woman was killed while she attempted stop her boyfriend from driving drunk, according to police reports.

The Texas woman was killed early Saturday, after falling from the hood of the car of her boyfriend. Police said that she was trying to stop him from drinking and driving.

Neighbors living near the couple said that the couple was often heard shouting at each other. They also said that they heard her screaming on Saturday, begging him not to drive because he had been drinking.

Harris County police said that the man ignored her, and then drove off with his girlfriend still clinging to the hood of the car.

"At first, I thought it was an accident, but there were no cars. So the next thing you think is that someone has had a case of domestic violence or something," neighbor Sean Oliver said.

Investigators put marks in the middle of the road showing where she fell. The woman died from head injuries.

The man had an outstanding DWI felony charge. Prosecutors may also charge the boyfriend of the victim with intoxication manslaughter, according to police.



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