105-year-old woman gets accepted into preschool

Anna Eriksson 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A 105-year-old woman got accepted into preschool. The woman who was born in 1907, was offered a place in a Swedish preschool.

The Swedish woman was surprised when she received a letter explaining that she had been accepted in a local preschool class. Anna Eriksson lives in a nursing home in eastern Sweden, about 130 kilometers north of Stockholm.

The letter was sent to many parents whose children are turning six years old.

The school principal, Marianna Eriksson, who is not related to the elderly woman, confirmed that Anna Eriksson had received the acceptance letter, along with more than 60 local children.

"Her address was included in the list of all children who were born in '07," Marianna Eriksson said. When labels were placed on the cards however, no one happened to notice that one went to the nursing home where Anna Eriksson stayed. She was also born in '07, but 1907, that is.

Eriksson’s daughter contacted the school to let them know about the error. “She thought it was pretty funny, both of us were able to see the humor in what happened," the principal said.

“Anna Eriksson is more than welcomed to come to our school to meet with students and the staff. It would be nice if Anna Eriksson came to meet the school staff over a cup coffee," Marinna Eriksson added.



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