World Toilet Day celebrated in 53 countries

Toilet illustration 
By: Anika Rao 

(Scroll down for video) These days there is a dedicated day to celebrate almost everything you can think of, even the toilet, according to reports.

World Toilet Day is celebrated annually. The World Toilet Day observance began in 2001 and aims to draw attention to sanitation and breaking toilet taboos.

The World Toilet Organization or WTO, a nonprofit organization, started this international day to raise awareness to improving toilet and sanitation conditions worldwide. The WTO began with just 15 members in 2001 and currently has over 151 members in 53 countries. Even World Toilet College or WTC, was initiated in 2005 to provide training in hygienic design and maintenance.

"Going to the bathroom is a thing that people do not discuss, feel shy about or uncomfortable. Even after knowing how to behave in a toilet, many people are not careful to keep the basic rules. In this
special World Toilet Day, let's take a look at the strange and fun things that people do on the inside of the bathrooms," the group said in a statement.

The most popular thing people do in toilets is reading the newspaper. Also topping the list is listening to music.



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