82-year-old man jailed after his dog killed a cat

Hume Hamilton 
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) An 82-year-old man was arrested after his dog killed a cat while he walked the dog.
The man was charged for not preventing his dog from attacking the cat.

The man was walking his dog when the dog walked to a family’s driveway where their cat was resting and attacked the cat, killing it.

The cat’s owner, Wayne Spath, was devastated when the cat died. The family had the cat for 12 years since she was a kitten.

In July, Hume Hamilton was seen on surveillance video walking his dog up the driveway where the cat was resting. When Hamilton's dog started viciously attacking the cat, the 82-year-old man stepped on the cat, in order to separate the two. The cat died from its injuries.

Last month a jury found Hamilton guilty of animal cruelty. This week at sentencing the man asked the judge for leniency so he can see his grandchildren grow up, but the judge would not hear of it.

The deceased cat’s owner was in court for Hamilton's sentencing. "That was a pet my daughter found when it was a kitten and we had it for 12 years. That cat was for 12 years part of our family," Spath said. "Now, we can move on," the cat's owner said. "We have closure now, justice has prevailed," he added.

Hamilton, was sentenced to three years in prison, followed by two years of probation. The judge also told Hamilton that when he gets out of prison he is never allowed to own an animal again.



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