Father jailed after son posts offensive remark on Facebook

Yashar Khameneh with his father Abbas 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A father has been sent to prison after his son posted an offensive remark on Facebook, according to reports.

Posting a stupid comment on Facebook or Twitter, can land you in serious trouble. An anonymous man was unmasked by the Secret Service after threatening a congressman on Twitter and a Facebook friend suggestion landed a man in jail.

However, Iranian officials are taking social media more seriously than their U.S. counterparts, as they jailed the father of a person suspected of mocking one senior religious figure.

While in school in the Netherlands, Yashar Khameneh participated and commented on a Facebook page that made light of a major Shiite Muslim imam by showing his image next to a Donkey Shrek movie character and a camel with sunglasses.

Because the clerics are considered infallible, it is a crime to ridicule or insult them. Iranian officials attempted to contact Khameneh through his father, Abbas, demanding the deletion of the Facebook page.

Because the younger Khameneh did not personally own the page, he had no power to take it down. Soon after, Abbas Khameneh was arrested by Iranian officials and was sent to Evin prison, a center known for torturing political prisoners.



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