New claw device steals customers ATM cash withdrawals

By: Aarav Sen 

Thieves have found a new way to steal customer cash when making withdrawals from bank ATMs, according to reports.

Most bank account holders have heard of card skimmers, insidious devices that steal your data from inside an ATM.

Now however, there is another risk to consider, the hole in the wall cash trap.

The simple instrument is claw like that fits into the slot that dispenses the cash and grabs money from customers until the thief returns to collect the loot.

The devices were used at ATMs across Britain, with 2,479 cases reported this year.

These scams are already commonplace in Europe, and thieves stole more than a million euros from ATMs in France this year by using the devices that keep notes dispensers open to steal more cash.

Police warned account holders to be vigilant, but many devices are impossible to detect.

Some are designed to look like part of the machine and attached to the front, and others like the claw are completely hidden inside the ATM.

This may mean that customers are not aware of the problem and simply assume there is a fault in the ATM, thereby failing to report the crime.

The European ATM Security Team advises customers to immediately report all incidents to the bank.



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