Postal worker ignores dead body in front of house

Dale Porch 
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) A postal worker ignored a dead body in front of a home because he thought it might be a prop, according to press reports.

The family of the man who died suddenly on his porch in Denver, Colorado, is lashing out at the neighborhood postal delivery worker who ignored the dead body, since, according to him, he thought it was part of a display.

Dale Porch, 46, returned from working the night shift in the Regional Transportation District in Denver, when he fell on the steps in front of his home, his sister-in-law, Kimberly Cordova, said.

"My brother-in-law came up these steps, he reached this step here and collapsed," Cordova said. She said that the mailbox is just a few feet away. "So literally, the postal worker was here and Porch
collapsed right here on this step."

Porch’s family is upset because, they say, the postal worker must have walked passed the body to deliver the mail, but did not inform the authorities of anything or ask for help, according to press reports.

"I cannot sleep at night," said Hedy Porch, the man's wife.

The U.S. Postal Service said in a statement that the worker felt bad for ignoring Porch’s body, but thought it was part of a display.



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