Teacher awarded $1.3 million after slipping in school

School hallway illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt 

A woman won a staggering amount of money for slipping at a school, according to press reports.

The teacher's assistant has been handed a staggering £800,000 ($1,360,000) in compensation after she tripped and hurt a finger at work.

The payment, one of the highest ever awarded in education, was made after Julie Anne Huddart tripped on a waist strap of an empty wheelchair while trying to move it.

Huddart, 49, dislocated a finger and injured her elbow, and has since been diagnosed with "reflex sympathetic dystrophy," a malfunction of the nervous system that causes pain and swelling.

The married teacher's assistant of Chorley, Lancashire, began a nine-year battle against her local authority for compensation, and earlier this year the Lancashire County Council agreed to pay the £800,000 in damages and £140,000 in legal fees in an out of court settlement.

The award, which sparked outrage among veterans and victims of crime who receive much less for their injuries, is part of a growing compensation culture among teachers who claimed last year a record £25 million as a result accidents and labor disputes.

Recent payments include £200,000 for slipping on a grape and £173,595 for a dislocated ankle during playground duty.

A teacher who preferred to take small classes, was given £250,000 after being put in front of a large class, including disruptive students, prompting the repetition of a nervous breakdown.



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