Doctors remove dildo from inside man after being stuck for five days

Doctors performing surgery 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A man had a dildo stuck inside of him for five days, according to press reports.

The Chinese man was forced to seek medical help when a nine-inch long dildo was stuck in his bowels for five days.

Doctors at Zhongshan Hospital, in the Xuhui District, said they removed the dildo from the 30-year-old man on Saturday.

According to press reports, the dildo was about nine inches wide and three inches thick. Other press reports noted that doctors said that it got stuck in his anus and up into his gut after he introduced the toy to enhance sexual pleasure with his wife.

According to the press reports, the man reported to the hospital on Friday, after he began to experience pain. The doctors were unable to remove the object at the first attempt, according to reports.

He returned the next day after visiting another hospital. The doctors did a second attempt and pulled the dildo out on Saturday.

Chinese officials have warned the public to follow the instruction when using sex toys.



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