Women banned from shaving in public showers

Woman shaving her leg illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt 

Women are no longer allowed to shave in public showers or locker rooms at some Swedish public swimming pools.

The ban came after a number of visitors complained.

"The ban goes into effect for all our swimming pools. We don’t want our guests to shave in public,” Josefin Kejder, who manages a pool in Vaxjo, southern Sweden, said.

Medley, the company that manages public pools in various locations throughout Sweden, has posted signs in women’s changing areas warning women not to shave in the showers or locker rooms.

The ban came after unhappy customers complained that they did not want to shower right after a woman shaved and left her hair on the shower floor. They also do not like to see other women shaving in a locker room.

"They felt uncomfortable seeing other women shave in public and think they should be doing that at home, and the company agreed," Kejder said. "It is also a matter of hygiene with hair getting stuck in the drains," she added.

Some women have complained as to why there was no such ban for men. “Because we had no complaints about men shaving in public. I think women shave more than men," Kejder said.



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