Overweight waitress gets advice to stop eating as tip

The offensive receipt 
By: Hydar Tomar 

Some restaurant customers like to be served by a good-looking waitress.

One unhappy customer let the waitress know how he felt about her looks.

The waitress who is overweight, collected the money from a customer who left the check without a tip. Instead of a tip the customer wrote "Stop eating, b****!"

Now Applebee’s is investigating the complaint from the overweight waitress who received the check from the customer telling her to stop eating.

The incident occurred around 11:30 p.m. at the Edison, New Jersey Applebee’s. The customer came in alone, ordered $30 worth of food and paid his bill with a Visa card. The unidentified customer wrote three zeros on the tip line, and then wrote the offensive statement in capital letters.

A friend of the waitress posted the photo of the receipt online, which attracted hundreds of responses within hours.

"My overweight friend got this as a tip," the friend wrote. “I actually know Arielle, I worked with her for a number of years before she went to Applebee’s,” wrote Zomguz.

“Incredibly sweet girl, she’s been through a lot of hard times and I've never once seen her without a smile on her face. The fact that the person called her a b---h is astonishing and shows that they were just classless trash,” wrote another friend.

A manager at the local Applebee’s said he alerted his superiors when he heard about the incident. "Everything is being forwarded to the corporate office," the manager of the Applebee’s, who identified himself only as Rohan, said. "These things do not happen very often, but when they do the company will look into it."



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