Woman dies after being in a coma for 42 years

Edwarda O'Bara 
By: Hydar Tomar 

She was a young energetic teenage girl with lots of hopes and dreams when she suddenly felt sick.

She was rushed to a hospital where she fell into a coma and never woke up. Now, 42 years later she passed away.

Edwarda O'Bara was a teenage high school student, who wanted to be a pediatrician when she fell ill in 1970.
Her family rushed her to the hospital, where she went into a diabetic coma.

Before losing consciousness, Edwarda asked her mother, Kaye O'Bara, not to leave her side. Her mother promised her daughter that she will always be at her side and she kept her promise as long as she was alive.

After doctors said there was nothing left to do to cure the teen, the family took her home to their Miami Gardens home, where her family never left her side. They always took care of her.

The family fed her through a feeding tube, they gave her the insulin she needed, bathed her and they made sure she does not get bed sores. Family members took turns reading stories, playing music and always kept her company.

Her father, Joe O'Bara, died in 1976. After his death, Kaye continued to care for her. The family saw her as a blessing, not a burden, regardless of the difficulties and piling debts.

Dr. Wayne Dyer inspired to write the book “A Promise Is A Promise: An Almost Unbelievable Story of a Mother's Unconditional Love and What It Can Teach Us."

People from around the world showed support to the family by coming to visit her at her home in Miami Gardens, Florida. Every year, the family made Edwarda a birthday party. It was a big affair with decorations, balloons and a cake. Everyone was invited. Many strangers participated in the event in support of the family.

Colleen described her as "the best sister in the whole world, she taught me a lot, and I mean now
after she was in a coma, she taught me so much about unconditional love and about patience,” Colleen said.

Her mother kept her promise, until her death in 2008. Kaye O'Bara, 80, died in her sleep in the same room she had shared with Edwarda since 1970. Then Colleen took over. She quit her job as a horse trainer. "I did not give it a second thought. She's my sister and I love her," Colleen said.

On Tuesday night Edwarda passed away.

Edwarda O'Bara is survived by her sister, nephew Richard O'Bara and great-nephew Jose Miguel O'Bara.



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