Pakistan to restrict late night phone calls to prevent dirty talk

Muslim woman talking on phone illustration 
By: Aarav Sen 

Mobile phone operators were ordered to drop cheaper night calling rates in order to prevent teens from talking dirty, according to court proceedings.

Pakistan is trying to curb late-night phone calls between young people in an attempt to avoid the "youth vulgarity" spreading through telephone conversations.

The Pakistani government has ordered the country’s providers of mobile phone services to drop cheaper night call rates, as lawmakers believe that these packages encourage men and women to speak for long periods after dark.

The proposal has been implemented in line with government policy, according to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority or PTA.

"We have issued the directive to all mobile phone companies to shelve packages of night calls. The measure was taken after long discussions. Such directives are issued in light of the decisions by the government and this decision has been ordered by the government," PTA spokesperson Malahat Rab said.

The proposal has been well received by legislators in the country, with a politician saying that the cheap nightly rates "are promoting vulgarity."

Another lawmaker, Kalsoom Perveen, added: "We strongly oppose the night phone packages and recommend a limit or prohibition be imposed on these packages as they are not suitable for our youth."

However, mobile phone companies are appealing against the government order in court.



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