Businessman marries 4 women on the same day

Milton Mbele with his 4 brides 
By: Anika Rao 

(Scroll down for video) A wealthy businessman married 4 women in one day at one wedding ceremony, according to press reports.

South African businessman Milton Mbele, broke all the traditional rules of a polygamous wedding when he recently married four women on the same day.

The four brides dressed in flowing white robes and walked down the aisle together, before saying we do to their boyfriend, who is 44 years old.

Mbele said that he did not marry the women in one day for the mere spectacle, but only because it made sense financially.

"I do not know how much four different weddings would have cost me, but I did it all at once to save money," he explains.

"For example, I just needed one tent, I had to hire one caterer and one photographer for the whole ceremony. I started saving money for the event in late 2007, and began collecting quotes from things like the tent and restoration costs at the beginning of last year."

He said that he loves all his wives who are: Thobile Vilakazi, Zanele Langa, Baqinisile Mdlolo and Smangele Cele, equally and treats them all like that.

Mbele himself has four rings on his finger that he said is a sign of his commitment to all his wives. The women said that they were surprised with the news that Mbele wanted to marry them all at once, but added that they agreed because they all love him.

About two weeks after his much-publicized two-day ceremony, Mbele said that he is overwhelmed by all the attention the wedding has attracted.

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