Woman saves husband's dead body waiting for resurrection

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By: Hydar Tomar 

(Scroll down for video) A woman just couldn’t let go of her husband’s dead body, holding on to it for at least 3 years, according to press reports.

The Russian woman saved her husband's body in her home for three years after his death, hoping that one day he would come alive again.

The headless mummified corpse was found in a trash bin in the center of the Yaroslavl region, investigators said. The couple were believed to be fervent Pentecostal Christians.

Shortly after the man died of an undisclosed illness, his wife, who is believed to suffer from a mental illness, decided to keep his body in the belief that one day her husband will be resurrected.

The mother of five, used to tell her children that their father will come back to life. She said that she has encouraged her children to feed their father every day.

Eventually, when the family was about to change apartments, two of the children decided to dispose the body, fearing that the outside world would find out.

His body was eventually found wrapped in a plastic bag and was missing an arm and a head, which
was later found nearby.

The officials were perplexed and initially treated the incident as a murder. However, an investigation of the incident brought to light the true story, authorities said.

The family used to discourage visitors from entering the room of the deceased, saying he was too ill. They kept the room with air freshener to mask the smell of the corpse.

Officials did not file any charges against the woman for not having the body of her husband disposed.



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