Man prefers jail after getting sick of nagging wife

Man sick of nagging wife illsutration 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A man made sure that he gets busted with a crime in order to be locked up in jail, according to police reports.

The Taiwanese man, who was arrested, prefered to be in jail rather than to listen to his wife nagging for one more day.

Bai, who is a 36-year-old restaurant owner, came up with an idea that was sure to get him arrested and taken to a nice and quiet prison in La Estrella.

Bai recently went to a supermarket in the city of Taichung, Taiwan, where he carefully executed his plans.

"I'm here to steal. Call the police!" He shouted, according to police. “The man was screaming and asking workers to call the police,” witnesses at the store said.

The thief then bought a pack of cigarettes and left. When police arrived they found him waiting in front of the store and smoking.

Unfortunately for Bai, his plan failed. The police released him once they realized he just wanted to get away from his wife.



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