Police rescue breathing dog that was buried alive in the woods

By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A dog that was buried alive was rescued by police by chance, according to press reports.

The police made ​​a startling discovery last week, after they have received a court order to destroy some evidence in a wooded area in the city. They found a dog that was still breathing.

The dog was a 7-day-old newborn puppy that was buried alive in a shallow grave in the woods.

"There was a sound of moaning and crying like an animal," Williston Police Chief, Dennis Strow, said. "They went searching to locate the crying animal when they realized the crying was coming from underground."

Police speculate that the puppy, which is so young that its eyes were not open yet, had been buried less than an hour before the discovery.

Luckily, the puppy, which was buried about 6 inches below the surface, was still able to breathe due to an air pocket that formed around its head.

The newborn dog was rushed to Levy Animal Clinic, where it was given the name Tucker and has been receiving care since.

Caregivers of Levy Animal Clinic are bottle feeding the newborn puppy and said that it is doing very well. Workers even found a new loving home for the dog with one of the veterinary technicians.

Meanwhile, police are still trying to locate the person responsible for burying the dog alive.



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