Couple and son killed while trying to save their dog

The Kuljian family 
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) Howard Kuljian and his family went to a beach in California, to enjoy a nice sun filled day at the ocean together with their family dog, when suddenly it turned very tragic, according to press reports.

The couple was killed and their 16-year-old son disappeared after being swept into the sea in Northern California, while trying to save their dog that was swept into the sea, authorities said.

The family was at the Big Lagoon, a beach north of Eureka, on Saturday afternoon, when the dog chased a stick and got caught in the ocean between eight and ten foot waves, Dana Jones, a superintendent of the Parks and Recreation, said.

Jones said that the boy went after the dog, prompting his father to go after them. She said the teenager was able to leave, but did not see his father, that is when the teen and his mother went into the water to look for the father.

"Both were swept into the ocean," Jones said.

The daughter of the couple called police. Jones said a park ranger had to run a mile to get to the beach because his car was not made to handle the terrain. When he arrived, he was unable to reach them because of the high tide, she said.

Rescuers eventually recovered the body of the mother and the father's body washed ashore. The Coast Guard sent a helicopter and two lifeboats to find the teenager, but the air search was suspended Saturday night, because of the thick coastal fog.

The dog came out of the water by itself, Jones said.



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