JetBlue flight attendant arrested after boyfriend steals iPhone

Stacy-Ann Smith 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A flight attendant was arrested after she participated in a scheme to steal another passenger's iPhone, according to police reports.

The uniformed JetBlue flight attendant catching a free flight down to Puerto Rico, was arrested at JFK Airport after her boyfriend snatched the iPhone from another traveler, police said.

Stacy-Ann Smith, 27, and her boyfriend, Jason McCaulay, 23, both from Hollis, Queens, New York, were waiting the security line for a trip to Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, around 11:00 p.m. Friday, when they allegedly snatched the iPhone left in a bucket by another traveler.

The owner of the iPhone was before McCaulay on the security line at JFK Terminal 5 and had placed the device in the compartment to go through a metal detector when it was stolen.

The man realized that his phone was missing a few minutes later and told an agent of the Transportation Security Administration, who alerted Port Authority police officers.

Port Authority police officers discovered surveillance video showing McCaulay snatching the phone. Smith allegedly said that McCaulay panicked and slipped the device into her pocket without her knowledge after seeing police officers approaching him at Terminal 5.

As police officers brought McCaulay to be identified by the owner of the phone, they realized that he was traveling with Smith, and saw her hiding over in the ladies room. The police officers followed her and confronted her.

She allegedly denied knowing about the theft until the officer examined a bathroom stall and found the iPhone tucked into a dispenser near a toilet seat cover.

She allegedly admitted the theft. "I left the phone in the bathroom stall,” she said. McCaulay also supposedly confessed. Both were arrested.



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