Man arrested after falsely claiming he was a witch

Gustavo Valencia Gomez 
By: Aarav Sen 

A man was busted for falsely claiming that he possesses the power of a witch, according to police reports.

Toronto police said they have filed extremely rare charges against the man, who allegedly defrauded a woman of $14,000.00 - by falsely claiming of practicing witchcraft.

After the insistence of her family and bank, 56-year-old Mary Roesta of Brampton, northwest of Toronto, contacted police about how she had paid the man for several spiritual healing queries that ran into the thousands of dollars.

"By using spells and rituals, the man convinced the woman that she and her family were cursed, and could remove the curse for a sum of money," police said in a statement.

Roesta, who came to Canada from Peru, told police that in one case, the man broke several eggs on the photos of her two children and there was blood on the pads, which he said indicated that they were marked for death.

In another query, lemon oil that was rubbed into her skin turned black. Police said it is likely that the eggs had been adulterated and the lemon oil contained ash.

Roesta said she had exhausted her savings and ran up her credit cards. Bank officials became concerned and her family convinced her to call the police.

Gustavo Valencia Gomez, 40, was charged with pretending to practice witchcraft, fraud over $5,000, false pretenses and possession of proceeds of crime, police said.



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