Video shows twins fighting inside their mother's womb

The twins 
By: Anika Rao 

(Scroll down for video) A new video uploaded to the Internet, shows twins still inside their mother’s womb and kicking each other, according to press reports.

It seems like that for twins, sibling rivalry starts even before birth.

Amazingly clear video showed the twins kicking each other and fighting for space in the womb of their mother.
The images are of an MRI taken at the Center for Fetal Care London.

"What this allows us to do is to see their positions in relation to others and the amount of space they occupy, and how they could move and push each other along the way," Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke said.

The high scanning technology that produces more detailed images than conventional MRIs was used to learn more about the syndrome, twin-twin transfusion (TTTS), in which one twin takes blood from the other, called the donor twin.

"One of the problems with blood flow imbalances is that if you get a sudden change of blood from one twin to another, it can cause brain damage," Dr. Taylor-Clarke said.

"So it can cause a stroke or bleeding in one or both of the twins' brains,” she continued. “MRI can detect signs of brain injury much sooner and with greater detail than ultrasound can at this time," she added.

A twin who loses too much blood may also suffer stunted growth. In severe cases, TTTS can cause death.



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