Mother upset after her child sees porn at McDonald's

Jill-Anne Hopkins with Grant 
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) A mother is upset after her child saw porn at a local McDonald’s restaurant, according to press reports.

Jill-Anne Hopkins always considered McDonald’s as a family oriented restaurant.

That changed Sunday, when she had to protect her eight-year-old’s ears and eyes from pornography near their table.

Hopkins was enjoying hamburgers with her former husband and their son, Grant, in one of Keswick’s McDonald’s locations at 6:00 p.m. when they heard a woman's voice say: "I want you to come here and f*** me.”

Surprised, she looked and saw a man talking on his laptop with a topless woman on a webcam sex site.

"My son immediately looked up to see what was going on. ‘Who said that?’ He asked. I said, ‘Someone with a bad potty mouth who does not realize that there are children in McDonald’s.’ The conversation continued. I do not know if he was playing with himself under the table," Hopkins said.

As Hopkins, 43, and her family moved to another table at the restaurant that was practically deserted, they heard the woman in the computer say, "By the way, say that large woman to go f*** herself. Did she hear or should I say it louder?"

The family finished eating and while Grant was in the playground, Hopkins approached the manager and told him about the man, who appeared to be in his mid 20s, watching porn. The director spoke with the man, but the man did not leave for another 20 minutes.

Hopkins said that because the restaurant chain offers free wireless Internet for customers, the company should be responsible for ensuring inappropriate videos cannot be accessed at their locations.

"They did not even come over to apologize that my son had to see that," she said, adding that “a customer representative was rude to her when she called to complain the next day.”



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