Store chains ambulance while responding to emergency

The booted ambulance 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

(Scroll down for video) Emergency workers complained that a store chained their ambulance while they were responding to an emergency call, according to press reports.

That's no way to treat paramedics, witnesses said.

Workers with the New Orleans Emergency Medical Services, said that they responded to a call at a convenience store called Quicky on Friday, when they said that the store put a boot on their ambulance, causing a puncture in the tire and delayed patient care.

The employees of the store are being investigated by the New Orleans Police Department, and EMS officials say there is no reason why the vehicle should have been chained.

"We actually had to delay care of that patient calling another ambulance to come here to transport the patient to the hospital," Jeb Tate, a spokesperson for EMS said.

Paramedics responded to a call about a man with chest pain. After arriving at the store and putting the patient inside the ambulance, paramedics heard a loud noise while trying to drive away, Tate
said. Then they realized that the vehicle had been booted.

When someone on the scene tried to remove the boot, the ambulance was left with a flat tire, forcing emergency workers to wait for another ambulance.

Tate said that emergency workers left the vehicle with its lights flashing the entire time.
A sign on the property reads: "If you leave the property for any reason the vehicle will be towed," according to press reports.



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