Dozens of students and teachers poisoned at elementary school in Atlanta

Atlanta school evacuated  
By: Aarav Sen 

(Scroll down for video) Students and teachers were rushed to area hospitals after being poisoned in an Atlanta school, according to emergency workers.

49 students and teachers were hospitalized in Atlanta on Monday, after falling ill due to a carbon monoxide leak at the elementary school, officials said.

The 43 students and six teachers from Finch Elementary School, were all conscious and alert when they were taken to hospitals, a spokesperson for the Atlanta Fire Department, Marian McDaniel, said.

Authorities determined that a faulty 3-year-old furnace in the school, as the source of the leak, McDaniel said. The carbon monoxide levels in the school were the highest we've seen, he said.

The school does not have carbon monoxide detectors, and no one is required by Georgia law to have detectors, McDaniel said.

Firefighters initially received a call that five people were unconscious at the school as a result of the leak. However, rescuers found that although students and teachers were sick, many suffered from headaches and nausea, while still being responsive, McDaniel said.

Students and teachers affected by the carbon monoxide underwent examinations at several hospitals, according to press reports.

McDaniel said that those who were not ill at the school, which has about 500 students, were evacuated to a nearby high school. Authorities hoped to reopen the elementary school on Tuesday.



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