Four women arrested after robbing 20 homes

From upper left to bottom right: Samantha Smith, 19, Brandy Kinney, 19,
Alyssa Conrad, 23, and Caroline Catarzi, 20 
By: Hydar Tomar 

Four young women found a way to fund their drug habits.

They joined together and formed a burglary ring, investigators said.

The women robbed more than 20 homes in Sarasota County, Florida, in a span of two weeks.

The women knocked on doors of houses to see if anyone was home. When no one answered, one or two women entered and robbed the home while another woman was the lookout to make sure nobody is coming home.

The fourth woman was the getaway driver.

After a string of robberies police officers were searching for the suspects. When they stopped a silver Kia carrying three of the suspects, officers found a lot of stolen jewelry inside the car.

The women were identified as the driver Samantha Smith, 19, and passengers Brandy Kinney, 19, and Alyssa Conrad, 23. The fourth woman, who was not with them, was identified as Caroline Catarzi, 20, the police report states.

The three women told deputies that Catarzi was the ringleader, who had been breaking into houses
to pay for their drug addiction.

After some time, Catarzi was booked into the county jail for stealing her father’s flat screen television and pawning it, according to the arrest report. Catarzi denied any involvement in the burglaries.

This is the first time Kinney has been arrested, while Smith and Conrad have prior history of arrests. Smith was arrested and charged with auto theft. Conrad’s prior arrests include an auto theft charge and a drug possession charge.



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