Woman files false rape claim after having bad sex

Lynette Lee 
By: Hydar Tomar 

A woman filed a false rape claim after she had bad sex with a man, according to police reports.

The woman of Tennessee, who is accused of filing the false complaint of rape against her date, told police she did so because she did not enjoy the sex with him.

Lynette Lee, 27, contacted police in Clarksville, saying that she had been raped by the man she had met on the dating site Meet Me.

Police brought the suspect in for questioning, who told them that he and Lee had met online, but that the two had engaged in consensual sex.

They also made plans to continue seeing each other, according to a statement from the Clarksville Police Department.

In a second interview with investigators a few days later, Lee repeated her initial accusations, police said, but then changed her story and admitted that she had lied to police. She allegedly told a detective that she had lied about the encounter because she did not like the man and that it was bad sex, the police statement said.

Lee has been charged with filing a false police report and is being held on bail of $2,000.



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