Couple explodes their vehicle as police approach (video)

Van explodes 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

(Scroll down for video) A police officer asked a driver to pull over to the side of the road, but instead of complying with the order the driver sped away, leading police on a high speed chase.

After some time, the man finally gave up and stopped his van at the side of the road. As the officer approached the van, it exploded into flames.

Deputy Tim Howell from Newton Township, Michigan, was shocked when the van engulfed in flames. The entire incident was caught on camera.

Now, officers believe that the man had a meth lab inside the vehicle. The owners of the van, a man, 34, and his wife, 35, managed to get out of the van before it exploded, but they suffered some minor burns. After taking care of the couple, the police became suspicious when the two could not give a reasonable answer to what happened.

According to reports the husband claimed they were involved in an accident with another car earlier and that caused the fire, but later changed their story saying that a cigarette ignited the flames.

Evidence gathered at the scene led investigators to believe that the van was a mobile meth lab. The investigation continues, the couple has not been arrested at this point.



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