Teacher lashes out at students for disturbing his phone calls during class

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By: Aarav Sen 

A teacher was barred from school after he lashed out at students, who disturbed his constant cellphone chats, according to press reports.

The talkative substitute teacher spent most of a class period talking on his cellphone when he was supposed to be teaching science to third graders.

He even yelled at the children when they interrupted his conversations, investigators have found.

Retired public school teacher Bernard Flom, told 8 and 9-year-old children at PS 238 in Brooklyn, New York, to "shut up," as they were being too loud while he was on the phone during instructional time, according to the Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigations.

When the children were not quiet the 67-year-old teacher attacked them by calling them "monsters" and "a bunch of idiots" and threatened to "kick their a**."

One boy who went to the front of the room to get a tissue, said that he stumbled and fell. Flom allegedly
told the boy that he would "use him as a mop."

Another student said that the substitute shamelessly spent at least half the time on the phone without teaching science, and that Flom called him "stupid" the investigation has revealed.

Flom, who retired in 2002 but continued to work as a substitute, has denied that he had said something offensive or rude to students.

He admitted being on the phone for a quick 2 minute call, but said it had been a medical emergency. Investigators have concluded that Flom be ineligible to work for the school system again.



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