53,000 children sickened after drinking milk powder

Concerned parents and children 
By: Devansh Dutt 

(Scroll down for video) The number of little children being sickened from drinking contaminated milk powder just continues to grow, according to press reports.

Now, it was reported that the man who blew the whistle on the tainted milk scandal, was murdered by unknown suspects.

The man who blew the whistle on the tainted milk scandal, was identified by police as Jiang Weisuo. He was an operator of a dairy company in Shaanxi province.

According to recent figures released by the Chinese authorities, about 53,000 children have been sickened after drinking milk contaminated with melamine.

In addition, three children have died and 104 are in serious condition with kidney problems.

The official figures do not include a fourth child also reported dead by authorities in the Xinjiang province.

Wang Chih-chao, an official in the Department of Health, said that most of the children had "basically recovered," but nearly 13,000 remained in the hospital.

The melamine scare has spread outside China. According to officials in Singapore, melamine has been found in Chinese milk chocolate sold there.

Many countries, including Bangladesh, Brunei, Burundi, Japan, Gabon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, and Tanzania, have banned Chinese dairy products or took some other action to curb the consumption
of contaminated milk.

Meanwhile, China's dairy producers are feeling the crunch as consumers avoid dairy products.

The Dairy Association of China or DAC, released an open letter urging dairy farmers to keep buying milk from farmers and strictly follow the purchase contracts.

"The milk collection time is the basis of quality assurance, which serves the interests of farmers,” The Dairy Association of China wrote.

The DAC also urged dairies to increase quality control and improve production to ensure enough supply.



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