Teachers caught on video dragging blind boy by his feet

Teachers dragging blind boy in school 
By: Hydar Tomar 

(Scroll down for video) Teachers were caught on video dragging a blind boy by his feet through a hallway in school, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

Two teachers in New Mexico, are facing charges of child abuse after school released a video showing them dragging a blind 6-year-old boy in a hallway by his legs.

The teachers told police that the child with special needs in the Gonzales Community School in Santa Fe, refused to go to another classroom, so they dragged him there.

In the video, a woman can be seen towing the small child by the ankles as he laid on his back. Another teacher joins in, while a third walks with the other two, watching the disturbing incident.

Santa Fe police Sgt. Andrea Dobyns said the teacher has worked with the child for a long time and that the two had a good relationship.

"We do not think that the teacher was intentionally trying to hurt the child, but our problem is gross negligence for his safety," Dobyns said.

"The child's parents like this teacher as well," she said. The boy complained that his head hurt after being dragged, but otherwise he was not seriously injured.

The two teachers who dragged the boy, will face charges of child abuse, while the third teacher could face charges for failing to report an incident.

The district attorney of Santa Fe was reviewing the case.



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