World's first toilet park now open for flushing

Toilet theme park 
By: Hydar Tomar 

(Scroll down for video) The world’s first toilet park is now open for flushing and so far, it is a great success, according to press reports.

Not wanting to be outdone by the amusement parks centered on the crucifixion, the conquests of Napoleon, or machine construction site, a city of South Korea, opened what it claims to be the first toilet theme park, showing off old European styles, wedges, fun facts about human waste and even a sculpture garden dedicated to the art of toilet making.

The park, located an hour from Seoul in Suwon City, also known as the home of Samsung Electronics, has attracted thousands of visitors since its opening.

The park itself revolves around a museum building shaped like a toilet and was once the home of Sim Jae-duck, a former mayor who made his fortune with a metal products business.

Legend has it that he was raised by his poor grandmother and had a fondness for toilets throughout his life, rigorously promoting public services while being the mayor.

Nicknamed "Mr. Toilet" for his unique passion for the porcelain throne, Sim founded the World Toilet Association, led a campaign to improve public health in the 1980s, and even wrote a book titled
"Happy to Be With You, WC." He died of prostate cancer.

"He was a man whose life literally started in a toilet and ended in a comfortable house in the shape of a toilet," Lee Yeun-sook, the planning manager at the WC Mr. Sim Jae-duck Foundation, said.

The government of Suwon plans to open a theme park bathroom and exhibitions, expansion of the existing park in an attempt to educate Koreans about public restrooms and create awareness about sanitation.



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