Woman in hospital after brain fluid came out her nose

Aundrea Aragon 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

A woman was relieved to finally find out why a strange fluid kept running from her nose, according to doctors at the University of Arizona hospital.

For four months, doctors believed that the Arizona woman was suffering from allergies. The truth turned out to be far more gruesome. Brain fluid was leaking from her nose, according to doctors.

According to the University of Arizona department of surgery, whenever Aundrea Aragon bent, clear liquid would run out of her nose.

"I was scared to death and desperate," Aragon said. "I knew it could not be allergies. The fluid would be like a puddle.”

After she visited several doctors, UA surgeons finally found two small cracks in the back of her sphenoid sinus, which were caused by cerebral pressure. The cracks ultimately allowed cerebrospinal fluid to transit through her nose.

Although the human brain replaces the brain fluid, Aragon was put at risk for meningitis, in which bacteria creeps through the brain, causing a coma or death.

While typical surgery to fix this condition is invasive, and often results in a painful recovery process
and other dangerous side effects, surgeons were able to fix the condition of Aragon without using any incision.

Doctors conducted an endoscopic procedure through the nose, using neuronavigation image guided fluorescein dye to locate the cracks. Doctors then used tissue from the nose and a small amount of belly fat, to repair the cracks, stopping the leak.

The process freed her from a long and painful recovery. She is recovering well at home with her ​​husband and two children. She recently posted about her ordeal on her Facebook page.



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