Four hospitalized after sick dog vomits

Dog at the vet 
By: Devansh Dutt 

Four people were hospitalized after a sick dog vomited, according to press reports.

Vomit of a dying dog sent four people to the hospital in Colorado, an incident possibly caused by a chemical used in rat poison, according to reports.

The vomit, which was examined in Vail Valley Animal Hospital on Friday, contained phosphide poison and zinc. These are commonly found in rat poison.

"When the pesticide comes in contact with water, it forms a toxic gas," fire inspector Gail McFarland said.

"When the dog vomited, the gas was released as the pesticide had been mixed with the contents in the stomach of the dog."

The dog, which later died, had been taken to the clinic for treatment. Its owner was not identified, and it was not clear where the dog came into contact with the chemical.

The vapors from the vomit caused three people to show signs of respiratory failure, while a fourth person was also taken to hospital as a precaution.

Their conditions were not immediately known Sunday. The authorities do not believe anyone else was affected by the toxic fumes. Symptoms of exposure include a burning sensation in the throat and trouble breathing.



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