California police officer caught on video drunk driving at 100 miles per hour

The officer approaching the tunnel 
By: Anika Rao 

(Scroll down for video) A California police officer was caught on video driving drunk at 100 miles per hour, according to video uploaded to the Internet.

A police sergeant in San Francisco, posted the video on Facebook. It showed a pleasure trip, driving at least 100 miles per hour through a tunnel as he and his friends "were all drunk."

The video, was published by Carl T of the San Francisco police department, and has since been withdrawn after being made public. He was traveling 100 miles per hour through the Broadway tunnel.

The video taken from the point of view of the driver, showed the driver hitting the gas and speeding in an area limited to 35 miles per hour.

The incident during the day is particularly brazen because the tunnel is usually full with other vehicles.

Although there is no way to verify the identity of the driver, his sobriety, or the actual speed of the car, his friends seem to confirm the authenticity of the video.



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