Cafeteria worker fired after giving free lunch to needy child

School lunch 
By: Anika Rao 

(Scroll down for video) A woman was fired from her job after she was busted feeding a needy child, according to press reports.

A St. Louis, Missouri, lunch lady said she was fired for feeding the needy child.

Dianne Brame gave free hot lunches to a fourth grade student for two months after his eligibility ran out. Brame said the child's mother does not speak English, and could not have understood the paperwork involved for the lunch compensation program.

The child would be reduced to a cheese sandwich and carton of milk for lunch. However, concerned that he may be teased by other children for getting the miserable meals, Brame continued to feed the child the normal menu at Hudson Elementary School.

A colleague of Brame, eventually reported her to Chartwells, the food service provider at the school. Brame said that she was fired soon after.

"Actually, it was regarded as theft because the food was not mine to give to that child," she said. "I do not necessarily see it as bad. I violated my contract with them. I knew the rules and regulations. But I do not think it was wrong to feed that hungry child."

Webster Groves School District said in a statement that it was unaware that Chartwells has decided to dismiss Brame, and told parents that "our understanding is that Chartwells decided to move the individual from Hudson to another place and the employee refused.”



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