Sweden imports trash from Norway after huge shortage

Garbage illustration 
By: Sanvi Rizvi 

(Scroll down for video) Sweden has used up all its trash, which caused a huge trash shortage in the country, according to press reports.

In a country where only 4 percent of its waste goes to landfills, officials have had to start importing trash from neighboring countries so they can continue to heat and produce electricity.

The Scandinavian country runs a successful waste-to-energy program, generating 20 percent of the country's heating and electricity from garbage, which powers 250,000 homes.

The Swedes are not producing enough trash for the program and have found one solution, which is to import trash from neighboring Norway, according to a report.

The agreement works well for Sweden.

Norway will pay Sweden to take away their trash, and Sweden will have heat and electricity. After Sweden is done with the trash it will be exported back to Norway.

"So that's why we have the world's best energy efficiency incineration," a senior adviser to the Environmental Protection Agency of Sweden said.

"I would say that perhaps in the future, this waste will be valued even more, so maybe we could sell the trash because there will be a shortage of resources in the world," the advisor added.



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