Huge boulder suddenly crashes into California home

Boulder illustration 
By: Devansh Dutt 

(Scroll down for video) A huge boulder suddenly came crashing into a home in California, that nearly caused a large explosion, according to fire department officials.

A California woman is grateful to be alive after the huge boulder fell through the roof of her garage, missing her home propane tank by just a few feet.

"It's a big mess, a very large stone and I do not know how to remove it," JeNielle Rose-Gendelman said with tears in his eyes.

"I mean, how amazing! I have not even had time to call my friends and ask them to pray for me." Rose-Gendelman was in another room of her Poway home when she heard a loud bang in the garage.

"I went to the garage and saw the washing machine on the floor. Then I saw the rock and could not believe it," the 69-year-old woman said.

The 6 foot by 6 foot rock, rolled down a nearby hill and canyon through a tree before breaking into
the house of Rose-Gendelman. It split a propane gas line and dumped some of her gardening chemicals, pesticides including malathion, along with a can of gasoline.

In addition to destroying much of the garage, the rock crushed some of the emergency supplies that she had accumulated in the event of an earthquake.

Rose-Gendelman was not sure how she would get rid of the rock. She said that her biggest concern is that her insurance company refused to pay for the damage.



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